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Welcome to Autodialer Law!  This site contains information helpful to telemarketers regarding national and state Autodialer Laws and Regulations.

What does Autodialer Law apply to?
Autodialer Law generally applies to the use of any equipment or software which has the capacity to generate or store numbers and dial them without human intervention, regardless of whether the numbers called are randomly or sequentially generated or come from calling lists.  Autodialer Law also includes predictive dialing law, preview dialing law, and prerecorded message law (robocall law). How do you know if your system is an Autodialer?

Who creates and enforces Autodialer Law?

The Federal government passes and enforces federal autodialer law.  Many State governments pass and enforce state autodialer laws.

Is Autodialer Law settled, or are more changes to Autodialer Law expected?
Autodialer Law, like most telemarketing law, is constantly changing.  For example, new FCC rules regarding autodialer law and cell phones went into effect on October 16, 2013 (New FCC Autodialer Laws). Many courts also continue to have a difficult time in determining exactly what types of dialers meet the Federal government's ATDS definition.

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